Information about Sub-Saharan Africa – People, Countries and Culture

The project, faces-afrika.de, set up by EXILE Culture coordination, strives to provide a diverse and balanced view of the African continent in contrast to the often negative, representations.

The main focus is on the countries south of the Sahara. Faces-afrika.de offers you information, positions and links to themes such as health, for example Malaria and HIV/AIDS, and a range of themes linked to climate and regenerative energy: that is, the effects of climate change and actual examples from some of the countries, as well as gender issues and gender equality. faces-afrikas.de deals with issues of fair trade particularly in cocoa, coffee, flowers and cotton. 

With the focus on the people, their living conditions and prospects in the sub-Saharan countries, faces-afrikas.de places emphasis on analysis, evaluation and action in the complex global contexts. In this way, through a range of offerings, the internet platform promotes educational processes in the field of education for sustainable development.