EXILE Culture Coordination eV was founded in 1982 and has been in Essen since 1990. It is a non-profit organisation. In the spirit of international and cultural exchange, EXILE Culture Coordination aims to present the cultures of the countries south of the Sahara and of the migrants who live in this country, to the local public. To this end, the organisation creates exhibitions, organises workshops, lectures, concerts and art projects, and develops publications. In addition, we advise and qualify for intercultural arts and culture management. 

The EXILE Culture coordination works from the principle that media such as music, theatre, literature and visual arts are particularly suited to enabling access to the perspectives and life experiences of people in, and from, other countries and continents and in so, become sensitised to a more conscious association with one’s own and with other cultures

EXILE Culture Coordination participates in various Arts and Culture networks within the joint discussions of Agenda 21 for sustainable development and in the inter-cultural organisation of the immigrant association.

We co-operate with and partner a wide spectrum of organisations – from cultural institutions and initiatives in the field of inter-cultural, development politics, with religious organisations, unions and those in socio-cultural education. Many projects have been developed and carried out in cooperation with organisations such as the One-world networks, Amnesty International, TransFair and with institutions such as the WDR, the NRW-culture secretariats, the Service Agency communities within One-World,  and InWEnt gGmb.

The work of the Association is supported among others, by funds from the One-World-Programme of the state NRW, with funds from the development education work of churches and organisations, and through project-based grants.